Machine Learning and Modelling for Social Networks

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GESS-COSS will offer a block course which covers computational and statistical methods to characterize the structure and dynamics of complex social networks. We cover methods such as clustering, classification, spectral analysis and Montecarlo and also specific applications to social network data and spreading processes on these networks. We discuss current research and ethical questions raised by applications.


The block course runs from 9am-12pm from the 8 May to the 12 May in the rooms list in the course catalogue (NB: these rooms are subject to change so check before the course starts).


For further information, please consult the course catalogue.


Date and Room Time Presenter Topic
08.05. Monday   Introduction to Machine Learning and Networks
09.05. Tuesday   Inference and Spreading on Networks
10.05. Wednesday   Dynamics on Networks and text analytics
11.05. Thursday   Opinion dynamics, Structural Inference and Link Prediction
12.05. Friday
  Tutorial and Evaluation Day
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