Controversies in Game Theory IV: Social Norms and Cooperation

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The mini-course 'Controversies in Game Theory' consists of 5 course units that provide an in-depth introduction to issues in game theory motivated by real-world issues related to social norms and cooperation, with a focus on implications for mechanism design. The course integrates theory from sociology, economics, physics, control theory, disaster response and biology. The course takes place in the week of September 11th until September 15th 2017, every day from 9:00-12:00 in rooms listed below. The schedule will be published below, for ETH students any further information on the course may be found in the Course Catalogue.

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Date and Room Time Presenter Topic
11.09. Monday   Introduction, the Micro-Macro
CAB G 11 09.00-12.00

Michael Mäs

Heiko Rauhut

12.09. Tuesday   Social Norms and Cooperation
CAB G 11 09.00-12.00

Andreas Diekmann

Urs Fischbacher

13.09. Wednesday   Social Norms and Evolution
CAB G 11 09.00-12.00

Bary Pradelski

Dirk Helbing

14.09. Thursday   Experiments
CAB G 11 09.00-12.00

Fabian Winter

Wojtek Przepiorka

15.09. Friday
  Social Norms and Applications, Discussion
CAB G 11 09.00-12.00

Heinrich Nax

Heiko Rauhut

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