Data Science in Techno-Socio-Economic Systems

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Spring Semester 2017

This is the website for the course entitled "Data Science in Techno-Socio-Economic Systems" which commences in the spring semester of 2017. The lectures take place every Monday from 17.15 to 18.45 pm in room LFW B1. Course material for students will be published below. More detailed information about the course may be found here.


This course introduces how techno-socio-economic systems in our nowadays digital society can be better understood with techniques and tools of data science. Students shall learn the fundamentals of data science, machine learning, data mining, social data analytics. Students shall deliver and present a seminar thesis at the end of the course.


The goal of this course is to qualify students with knowledge on data science as a way to understand complex techno-socio-economic systems in our nowadays digital societies. This course aims to make students capable of applying the most appropriate and effective techniques of data science under different application scenarios. The course aims to engage students in exciting state-of-the-art scientific and collaboration platforms such as the Planetary Nervous System. The course shall increase the awareness level of students about the challenges and open issues of data science in socio-technical domains such as privacy. Finally students have the opportunity to develop their writing, presentation and collaboration skills based on a seminar thesis they have to deliver and present at the end of the course


Course material is intended for personal use in the context of this course only; redistributing, citing or publishing any of the material is strictly prohibited. If prompted, please enter your ETH username and password to download course materials.

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