From Crowds to Crises

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Spring Semester 2010

Material available for the students of the course "From Crowds to Crises" 2010 FS. More material will be added during the course.

Pedestrian dynamics
Crowd dynamics and crowd disasters
Efficient response to cascading disaster spreading (PDF, 240 KB)
From crowd monitoring to crowd management
Pedestrian, Crowd and Evacuation Dynamics_Helbing (PDF, 873 KB)
Freeway traffic flow and control
Autonomous Detection and Anticipation of Jam Fronts from Messages Propagated by Intervehicle Communication (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Models of urban congestion dynamics with rerouting
Operation regimes and slower-is-faster effect in the control of traffic intersections (PDF, 538 KB)
Adaptive cruise control design for active congestion avoidance (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Theoretical vs. empirical classification and prediction of congested traffic states (PDF, 2 MB)
Urban traffic dynamics and self-organized traffic light control
Self-control of traffic lights and vehicle flows in urban road networks (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Derivation of a fundamental diagram for urban traffic flow (PDF, 338 KB)
Breakdown or spreading of social cooperation and punishment
How greed can stimulate or destroy social coherence
Modeling the spreading of norms and conflict
The outbreak of cooperation among success-driven individuals under noisy conditions (PDF, 1 MB)
Systemic instabilities and disaster spreading
Systemic Risks in Society and Economics (PDF, 6 MB)
From congestion spreading to bankruptcy cascades
Transient Dynamics Increasing Network Vulnerability to Cascading Failures (PDF, 699 KB)
Norms, conflict, and madness of crowds
Evolutionary dynamics of populations with conflicting interactions: Classification and analytical treatment considering asymmetry and power (PDF, 339 KB)
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