Modeling Complex Socio-Economic Systems and Crises

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Spring Semester 2011

Modeling Complex Socio-Economic Systems and Crises 6

Semester: Spring Semester 2011
Date, Time: Tuesdays, 17:00 – 19:00
Place: ETH Zurich, Main Campus CAB G52

List of Lectures:

Date Speaker
22.02. Michael Szell
Medical University of Vienna
Social Networks in Massive Multiplayer Online Games
01.03. Ole Peters
Imperial College London
The Role of Time in Economic Systems
01.03. David Rand
Harvard University
Reward, Punishment and the Evolution of Cooperation
08.04. Jorge Louçã
Lisbon University Institute
Monitoring the Socio-Economic Climate at a Global Scale
Lars-Erik Cederman
D-GESS, ETH Zürich
Square Pegs in Round Holes: Inequalities, Grievances, and Civil War
22.03. Charlotte Hemelrijk
University of Groningen
Complex Aerial Displays of Thousands of Starlings, a Model
22.03. Michel Rascle
University of Nice
Some Mathematical Models of Traffic and/or Pedestrian Flow
29.03 Didier Sornette
D-MTEC, ETH Zürich
The Dynamics of Success, Fame and Crises
05.04. Felix Reed-Tsochas
Innovation Adoption in an Online Social Network
12.04. Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
University of Essex
Forecasting is Difficult, Especially about the Future: Theory and Methods in Forecasting Conflict
19.04. Tobias Preis
D-GESS, ETH Zürich
Trend Switching Phenomena in Financial Markets
03.05. Vittorio Loreto
Sapienza University of Rome
Statistical Physics of Language Dynamics
10.05. Ryan O. Murphy
D-GESS, ETH Zürich
The Dilemma to be Optimally Distinct from Others
17.05. Paul Embrechts
D-MATH, ETH Zürich
Financial Engineering and the Financial Crisis
24.05. Christoph Dobler and Matthias Kowald
IVT, ETH Zürich
Modeling Large-Scale Evacuations  - Experiments with an Agent-based Simulation and Future Developments
31.05. Matthias Ossadnik
D-PHYS, ETH Zürich
Modeling of Spatio-temporal Patterns of Criminal Activity
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