Understanding and Solving Societal Problems with Modeling and Simulation

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Spring Semester 2014

This is the website of the course "Understanding and Solving Societal Problems with Modeling and Simulation", Spring term 2014. The lecture takes place every Monday from 10.15-11.45 am in room RZ F21. Lecture material for students can be found below; detailed information about the course may be found here.

Important: The material is intended for personal use in the context of this course only; redistributing, citing or publishing any of the material provided is strictly prohibited.

Course requirements

There are two requirements, each of which determines 50 percent of the final grade. First, there is the multiple-choice exam, which will take place on May 26. Second, students are required to hand in an exercise. That is, each student develops a research question and analyzes it using one of the methods, approaches, or concepts that are covered by the course. We recommend students to focus on one of the research problems or models that are discussed during the lectures, but students are free to choose other social-scientific topics. To assist students in the process of finding a good research problem, we will give feedback. To this end, students will submit by May 9 a sketch of their research plan (max. 1/2 page), stating the research question, the method, and potential outcomes of their study. Based on this sketch, we will provide feedback to each student. The deadline for handing in the final exercise (max. 3 pages) is June 9, 2014.

Course Material

The list of lectures may be found below; the course material will be provided as PDF files. Please right click on the link and choose "Save link as" to download the files.

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