Spring Semester 2015

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Course number Title Room Time
851-0585-37L Social Modeling and Mechanism Design CLU C1 Mon, 17.15-18.45
851-0585-41L From Computational Social Science to Global Systems Science CLU C1 Mon, 15.15-16.45
851-0858-38L Data Science in Techno-Socio-Economic Systems
LFW B1 Tue, 10.15-11.45
851-0858-40L Controversies in Game Theory II: Social Preference Theory and Mechanism Design HG E3 block course, May 26-29, 2015
851-0252-04L Behavioral Studies Colloquium HG E33.3 Tue, 13.15-14.45
364-1058-00L Risk Center Seminar HG D3.2 Tue, 17.15-18.45

The website for the PEERE Workshop the team organized in April 2015 may be found here.

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