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Spring Semester 2015

This is the website for the course entitled "From Computational Social Science to Global Systems Science" which commences in the spring semester of 2015. The lectures take place every Monday from 15.00 to 17.00 in room CLU C1. Course material for students will be published below. More detailed information about the course may be found here.

Course material is intended for personal use in the context of this course only; redistributing, citing or publishing any of the material is strictly prohibited. If prompted, please enter your ETH username and password to download course materials.


The course will cover a range of topics in Computational Social Science. The following 5 core readings should give you a good first impression of the topic - we strongly recommend you to read them before the start of the class:

The full list of readings for the course may be downloaded here (PDF, 71 KB). Please also note that there may be additional readings for some of the seminar presentations. Those will be linked directly from the Course Schedule below.

Course Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
16.02. Heinrich Nax Stability and Welfare of 'Merit-Based' Group-Matching Mechanisms in Voluntary Contribution Game.
23.02. Richard Mann Bayesian model selection for testing social interaction theories. Papers: 12
02.03. Karsten Donnay Action or Reaction: Violence Dynamics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
09.03. Evangelos Pournaras Self-regulating Smart Grids. Papers: 1 2
16.03. Stefano Bennati Crowdfunding infrastructure (partipant presentation)
23.03. Lucas Böttcher The cellular automaton interpretation of quantum mechanics
30.03. Izabela Moise Conducting a Privacy Analysis on Millions of Mobility Traces
20.04. Stefano Balietti The Complex System of Science.
04.05. Takuto Sakamoto A Computational Model of Nomads: Mobility and Sustainability of African Pastoralists
05.05. (Tues.) Yuri Biondi Socio-economic dynamics of financial markets. Papers: 1 2

Stefano Duca

Zack Zhu


Masters work on overcoming the Prisoners Dilemma

Segmentation of Latent Functionalities in Urban Spaces

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