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Projects - Fall 2010

The schedule for the oral presentations may be found below. Note that the project report is due at midnight two days before the respective presentation date. Late submissions will be automatically be penalized with a half-point grade deficit. We ask you to use the project report template when submitting your report; it may be found on the main course website.

Final presentation schedule (PDF, 27 KB) (updated on November 26th 2010)

List of Projects (PDF, 35 KB) (updated on October 26th 2010)


Project Suggestions - Fall 2010

Please find below the list of projects topics we suggest this term. Each zip-archive contains one or several papers on the respective topic.
If you have an interesting project idea not listed below that you would like to realize, please approach us with a short but conclusive description of your project idea and provide us with the paper(s) you would like to base the project on.

Project Reports - FS 2010

The files below contain an assortment of project reports from the previous semester. Please look through some of the reports to get an idea for the kind of work we are expecting from you. Note that we are very aware of the projects that have been previously completed in the course and we want to remind you that copying of previously submitted work will result in automatic failure of the course.

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