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Fall Semester 2011

This is the website of the "Quantitative Sociology" Colloquium (851-0585-10L) in the Fall semester 2011. The schedule of talks may be found below.

The colloquium takes place every Tuesday from 13.15 to 14.45 pm in room ML J34.3. Any further information on the course may be found here.

Course  Schedule

Date Speaker
20.09. Stefano Balietti
Emergence of Quality Standards in Science: Peer‐Review, Scarcity of Resources, and Consensus
04.10. Andreas Imhof
Outdoor Learning
11.10. Kurt Ackermann
Predicting contribution levels in an anonymous oneshot Public Goods game
18.10. Mark Lutter
(MPI Köln)
Cultural Norms and Economic Development: Explaining the Diffusion of Same-Sex Union Rights in Europe, 1988-2009
25.10. Charles Efferson
The Evolution of Shared Delusions
08.11. Steve Genoud
Can sociological simulation inform the design of techno-social systems? A model of BitTorrent as a case study.
15.11. Thomas Grund
Emergence of Homophily
22.11. Michael Mäs
Social differentiation and the emergence of clustering and polarization
06.12. Andreas Diekmann
Wojtek Przepiorka
The Sanctioning Dilemma
20.12. Sarah Hofer
The profit potential of different learning opportunities as a function of individual cognition and conation in secondary school physics: Towards a process model of student-teaching interactions.
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