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Fall Semester 2014

The "Behavioral Studies" Colloquium (851-0252-04L) in the Fall semester 2014 is a shared weekly colloquium organized by the the chairs of Prof. Hölscher, Daniel, Diekmann, Helbing, Murphy, Schubert and Stern. The schedule of talks may be found below.

Unless otherwise indicated, the colloquium takes place every Tuesday from 1.15 to 2.45 pm in room HG E33.3. Further information on the colloquium may be found here.

Course Schedule

Date Speaker
Host/Chair Title
16.09. Heinrich Nax
Helbing rescheduled to 28.10.
23.09. no seminar
07.10. Taciano Milfont
(Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Diekmann Psychological distance and environmental issues.
IFW A32.1, 18.15-19.30
Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman
(Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
Hölscher 3D visibility analysis representing human perception of space
14.10. Christoph Stadtfeld
Helbing Dynamic Social Networks: Micro-mechanisms and Macro-outcomes

Claus Ghesla

Marcel Stadelmann



Is there a Fault in Defaults? Economic Effects of Green Default Electricity Contracts.

The energy efficiency gap – a challenge for energy policy.

28.10. Heinrich Nax
Helbing Meritocratic matching & public goods games.
04.11. no seminar    
11.11. Pierre Dillenbourg
Stern 30 Moocs Later, lessons learned
HG F26.1
Yves-Alexandre de Motjoye
Stadtfeld Big but personal data: How human behavior bounds privacy and what can we do about it
18.11. Sören Pape
(University of Freiburg)
Stern Choosing versus rejecting: a framing effect that only holds true for some people.
25.11. no seminar    
02.12. Peter Gerjets
(University of Tübingen)
Hölscher Designing Adaptive Digital Instruction: Can Neuro-Cognitive Methodologies help?
09.12. Svetlana Ognjanovic
Hölscher Usability and visual attention distribution with Financial Trading Software
16.12. no seminar    
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