Why we need democracy 2.0 and capitalism 2.0 to survive


Read an article published in jusletter-it.eu about opportunities stemming from growth of data-driven societies.  

Read "Why We Need Democracy 2.0 and Capitalism 2.0 To Survive" published in May 2016 on ResearchGate.

Abstract: The world is running into great trouble. The Anthropocene challenges (including climate change, impending resource shortages, demographic change, conflict, financial and economic crises) call for entirely new answers. As a result, we are now seeing the emergence of data-driven societies around the globe. Feudalism 2.0, fascism 2.0, communism 2.0, socialism 2.0, democracy 2.0 and capitalism 2.0 can now be built. What framework should we choose? What would be the implications?

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