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For videos of simulations visit our COSS ETH channel. If you are interested mostly into Prof. Helbing's talks about the FuturICT Initiative please visit the FuturICT on YouTube. For older videos of the FuturICT from 2010-14 please visit the FuturICT Vimeo

COSS ETH YouTube Channel

This channel consists mostly of simulations which are divided into two playlists corresponding to the following broad Publication categories:

  1. Traffic, pedestrians, crowds
  2. Social norms, sociology, networks

1. Traffic, pedestrians, crowds

Participatory Sensing and Crowd Management in Public Spaces: 2011 Lord Mayor's Show

2. Social norms, sociology, networks

From the article "A network framework of cultural history" published in Science.

FuturICT YouTube Channel

FuturICT Channel offers foremost Prof. Helbing's talks and short talks about the research initiative FuturICT. Watch an example here:

Towards a Self-Regulating Society, Dirk Helbing ETH Zurich. 2014/05/20

FuturICT Vimeo Channel (2010-2014)

The Vimeo Channel is connected to the initial phase of FuturICT in 2010-2014. For the current continuation as a COSS research initiative please see the YouTube Channel.

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