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Former successful PhD students are listed on a separate web-page.

Name Until
New affiliation Email
Dr. Izabela Moise 06/2017 Swiss Data Science Center
Dr. Matthias Leiss  03/2017 -
Dr. Karsten Donnay 02/2016 University of Konstanz, Germany
Dr. Stefano Balietti
12/2015 NorthEastern Univesity, Boston (MA).
Jesus Rodriguez Molina 12/2015 - -
Dr. Tobias Kuhn 08/2015 VU University Amsterdam
Dr. Richard Mann 07/2015 University of Leeds
Dr. Michael Mäs 02/2015 ICS, Groningen, Netherlands
Dr. Thomas Chadefaux 08/2014 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Hilary Woodard 12/2013 -
Dr. Amin Mazloumian 03/2013 ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Maximilian Schich 12/2012 University of Texas at Dallas
Steve Genoud 08/2012 - -
Dr. Thomas Grund 06/2012 University College Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Heiko Rauhut 12/2011 University of Zurich, Institute of Sociology
Dr. Carlos P. Roca 10/2011 BioCenit Research Lab, Taragona, Catalonia, Spain
Dr. Sergi Lozano 10/2011 Institute of Human Palaeo-Ecology and Social Evolution, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain
Dr. Suzy Moat 06/2011 Warwick Business School
Dr. Tobias Preis 05/2011 Warwick Business School
Dr. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia 01/2011 Indiana University at Bloomington
Dr. Jiang Wu 09/2010 Wuhan University, China
Dr. Anders Frederik Johansson 03/2010 UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, London, UK
Peter Felten 01/2010 - -
Dr. Lubos Buzna 07/2009 University of Zilina, Department of Transportation Networks, Slovakia
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