Sanders, Lloyd, Dr.

Dr. Lloyd Sanders

Computational Social Science 

CLD  C 5 

Clausiusstrasse 37

8092 Zürich


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Evangelos Pournaras, Xingliang Fang, Seoho Jung, Huiting Zhang, Lloyd Sanders (2016). Socio-technical Smart Grid Optimization via Decentralized Charge Control of Electrical Vehicles. Submitted (ArXiv Preprint)

Takuto Sakamoto, Lloyd Sanders, Nobu Inazumi (2016). Composite Brownian Walks Best Describe Livestock Mobility Patterns across Species. Preprint

Carmen Chan, Lloyd P. Sanders and Mark Tanaka (2016). Modelling the role of immunity in reversion of viral antigenic sites. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 16: 23-24

Ralf Metzler, Lloyd P. Sanders, Michael A. Lomholt, Ludvig Lizana, Karl Fogelmark and Tobias Ambjörnsson (2014). Ageing single file motion. The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 23: 3287-3293

Lloyd P. Sanders, Michael A. Lomholt, Ludvig Lizana, Karl Fogelmark, Ralf Metzler and Tobias Ambjörnsson (2014). Severe slowing-down and universality of the dynamics in disordered interacting many-body systems: ageing and ultraslow diffusion. New Journal of Physics, 16, 113050

Robin Forsling, Lloyd P. Sanders, Tobias Ambjörnsson and Ludvig Lizana (2014). Non-Markovian effects in the first-passage dynamics of obstructed tracer particle diffusion in one-dimensional systems. Journal of Chemical Physics, 141, 094902

Lloyd P. Sanders, Bö Soderbeg, Dirk Brockmann, and T. Ambjörnsson (2013). Perturbative solution to the SIS epidemic on networks. Physical Review E, 88, 032713  

Lloyd P. Sanders and T. Ambjörnsson (2012). First Passage Times for a Tracer Particle in Single File Diffusion and Fractional Brownian Motion. Journal of Chemical Physics, 136, 175103

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