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Quantitative Sociodynamics shows how the general concepts for modelling complex systems can be applied to the description of social processes. It provides a unified and comprehensive overview of various stochastic methods, their interrelations, and properties. In addition it introduces the most important concepts from non-linear dynamics (synergetics, chaos theory). A connection of these methods with decision theoretical concepts leads to a fundamental dynamic model for behavioural changes which includes many established models from the social sciences as special cases. Moreover, it implies numerous new results which are illustrated by computer simulations.

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  • W. Weidlich with N. Koch, M. Hilliges, D. Helbing, and P. Molnár (1996) Die Entwicklung der Stadt aus der Sicht der Synergetik und Soziodynamik. Pages 210-219 in: K. Teichmann and J. Wilke (eds.) Prozeß und Form `Natürlicher Konstruktionen'. Der Sonderforschungsbereich 230 (Ernst & Sohn, Berlin).
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