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Contact Person: Dr. Evangelos Pournaras

Duration: 10/2013 - present


The Planetary Nervous System is a large-scale distributed research platform that will provide real-time social mining services as a public good. It is an open and participatory platform which will protect personal privacy and is designed to be collectively built by citizens, for citizens. The Planetary Nervous System is made possible by the technology of the Internet of Things and aims to seamlessly interconnect a large number of pervasive devices, such as mobile phones, smart sensors, etc.

For this purpose, several universal state-of-the-art protocols and communication technologies have been developed. This enables a shift to an innovative new social mining paradigm whereby users are provided with the freedom and incentives to share, collect and, at the same time, protect data in their digital environment in real-time. In this way, social mining becomes a knowledge extraction service for the public good. The social mining services of the Planetary Nervous System can be publicly used to build new and innovative applications. Whether you would like to detect an earthquake, perform a secure evacuation or discover the hot spots of a densely inhabited city, the Planetary Nervous System makes this possible by collectively mining the social activities of participating citizens.

For more and updated information please visit the nervousnet website.


For an updated list of publications we refer to the Nervousnet website.

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