New Economic Thinking

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Contact Person: Dr. Heinrich Nax

Duration: 06/2014 - present

Funding: ETH Zürich

New Economic Thinking is required to understand the developments of the 21st century. Our research focus closely mirrors the ambitions of other institutions such as INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking), the Oxford Martin School and the LSE Choice Group. We aim to contribute to the development of new economic theory through laboratory and online experiments to understand non-standard preferences in humans, through data-driven research, and using evolutionary game theory (please also refer to Evolutionary Game Theory).

This project is related to the ERC Momentum project.


Heinrich H. Nax, Ryan O. Murphy, and Kurt A. Ackermann. (2015). Interactive preferences. Economics Letters 135: 133-136.

Matthias Leiss, Heinrich H. Nax, and Didier Sornette. (2015). Super-exponential growth expectations and the Global Financial Crisis. Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control 55: 1-13.

Heinrich H Nax. (2014). A note on the Core of TU-cooperative games with multiple membership externalities. Games 5: 191-203.

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