New Frontiers of Peer Review (PEERE)

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Contact Person: Stefano Balietti

Duration: 05/2014 - present

Funding: COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)


Peer review is a cornerstone of science, whose quality and efficiency depends on a complex, large-scale collaboration process, which is affected by motivations, incentives and institutional contexts. Recent proof of the failures of peer review, due to judgment bias and parochialism and cases of misconduct, have contributed to calls for a reconsideration of the rigour and quality of the process. PEERE is a COST Action which aims to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability of peer review through a trans-disciplinary, cross-sectorial collaboration.

The objectives of this Action are: (i) to analyse peer review in different scientific areas by integrating quantitative and qualitative research and incorporating recent experimental and computational findings; (ii) to evaluate the implications of different models of peer review and to explore new incentive structures, rules and measures to improve collaboration in all the stages of the peer review process; (iii) to engage scientific stakeholders in data sharing and testing initiatives, (iv) to collaboratively define a joint research agenda toward evidence-based reform of peer review. A better peer review system would not only improve scientific self-regulation processes to benefit all scientific stakeholders, it would also increase the social recognition and credibility of science in Europe.


The COSS team hosted a PEERE workshop in Zurich on 21st and 22nd of April 2015. The website of the workshop organized by Stefano Balietti may be found here.


Stefano Balietti, Michael Mäs and Dirk Helbing. (2015). "On Disciplinary Fragmentation and Scientific Progress." PLoS ONE 10(3):e0118747.

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