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Contact Person: Matthias Leiss

Duration: 2012 - present

Funding: Systemic Risks-Systemic Solutions (ETH48)


By establishing the interdisciplinary Risk Center in mid 2011, ETH Zurich placed itself among the leading proponents of understanding the growing complexity and interdependence of our social and engineered systems, and discovering and modeling related behavioral phenomena. In this spirit, the Risk Center will promote system or even "system-of-systems" thinking and theory and will build an integrated view of risk landscapes. It also serves as an interface between academia, industry, and civil (or governmental) authorities. Its research output should help society and industry to better manage risk portfolios and to design innovative ways to collaboratively reduce risk, and enhance resilience. Donations have been made by partners like AXA, Credit Suisse, KPMG, Swiss Re, Swisselectric, and Zurich Insurance Group.


Matthias Leiss, Heinrich H. Nax, and Didier Sornette. (2015). Super-exponential growth expectations and the Global Financial Crisis. Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control 55: 1-13.

Taisei Kaizoji, Matthias Leiss, Alexander Saichev, and Didier Sornette. (2015). Super-exponential endogenous bubbles in an equilibrium model of fundamentalist and chartist traders. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 112: 289-310.

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