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ETH Department of Humanities, Social and Political Science (D-GESS)

"In it's present form, D-GESS has been created in 1999. It forms one of the 16 departments of ETH Zurich. Overall, 23 professors, around 80 doctoral students, and about 150 other academic staff ensure that research and teaching meets the highest standards. Both in its research and its teaching, D-GESS focuses on the four core areas of Behavior (behavioral science), Governance (political science), Knowledge (humanities) and Law & Economics. All professorships are independent teaching and research units that have a clear methodological and topical relevance for ETH Zurich’s focus on the natural sciences and technology."


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Delft University of Technology - Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)

Dirk Helbing is affiliated at TU Delft's TPM as a part-time professor for the research and PhD programme 'PhD Program in Engineering Social Technologies for a Responsible Digital Future'.


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ETH Department of Computer Science (D-Inf)

"In the last three decades, the department has shaped the research landscape, added to business and industry growth, and benefitted society. Discover the pioneering spirit at ETH's computer science department."



ETH Decision Science Lab

"The ETH Decision Science Laboratory (DeSciL) is a multidisciplinary experimental laboratory dedicated to the study of human decision making behavior. The laboratory was founded by Andreas Diekmann, Dirk Helbing, and Ryan O. Murphy. It is a service center of the section Behavioral Studies of the Department D-GESS."


ETH Decision Science Laboratory (DeSciL) DeSciL

ETH Risk Center

"In establishing the interdisciplinary Risk Center by mid 2011 ETH Zurich places itself among the leading proponents of understanding the growing complexity and interdependence of our social and engineered systems, and discovering and modeling related behavioral phenomena. In this spirit the Risk Center will promote system or even "system-of-systems" thinking and theory and will build an integrated view of risk landscapes. It also serves as an interface between academia, industry, and civil (or governmental) authorities. Its research output should help society and industry to better manage risk portfolios and to design novel solutions for collaborative risk reduction, and resilience-enhancing schemes. Donations have been made by partners like AXA, Credit Suisse, KPMG, Swiss Re, Swisselectric, and Zurich Insurance Group."


ETH Rick Center ETH Risk CenterETH Risk Center

Computational Science Zurich

Computational Science Zurich is a joint initiative of the University and ETH Zurich that aims to:

  • Attract to Zurich the best talents in the field of Computational Science
  • Promote sustained interactions between PhD students, faculty and staff
  • Enhance collaborations between Industry, Society and Academia

With over 50 members from diverse scientific disciplines, CSZ is uniquely positioned to advance computing for scientific discovery, engineering innovation and service to society.


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