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09.02.2017 | COSS Professorship , Job Openings

Postdoctoral position in Big Data and Data Science

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow in the area of Big Data and Data Science with a particular focus on Social Mining within a EU funded project. The project aims to establish a Social Mining and Big Data Ecosystem for ethically sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining to the various dimensions of social life. Read more 

06.01.2017 | COSS , COSS Professorship

Two new papers accepted for publication in AINA 2017.

Two papers from COSS have been accepted for publication in AINA 2017. Read more 

06.12.2016 | COSS , COSS Professorship

Big Data Study on spread of flu launched by COSS

In Switzerland, the start of the Christmas season once again marks the beginning of the flu season. Big data researchers at ETH Zurich are now investigating how people’s behaviour is related to the spread of flu. ETH Zurich staff and students can also participate in the study. Read more 



Professor Helbing gives a talk in Amsterdam (NL) on good and bad ways of using data on 16.2.2017

Professor Dirk Helbing will be giving a talk in Amsterdam on good and bad ways of using data, as part of the monthly seminar series on Responsible Data Science (RDS) by the Amsterdam Data Science initiative. The talk will take place on Thursday, 16th of February, at the Doelenzaal, UvA Library, Singel 425 (Room C0.07 - Doelenzaal, Building C, Ground Floor).      Read more 


Izabela Moise and Caleb M. Koch give a talk titled "How mass media shapes asylum acceptance rates" at ETH Zurich (CH) on 19.01.2017

As part of the event "NADEL Methods Days", Izabela Moise & Caleb M. Koch will be presenting joint work with E. Boudemagh, K. Donnay, and D. Helbing under the title “How mass media shapes asylum acceptance rates”. The talk will take place on January 19, 2017, from 09:00 to 11:00 in the CLD B 2 building.   Read more 


Professor Dirk Helbing participates in a panel discussion on complexity at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (AT) on 2.2.2017

On the occasion of the Ignaz L. Lieben award ceremony, Professor Dirk Helbing will be participating in a panel discussion with leading complexity researchers at the Austrian Academy of Sciences on February 2nd , 2017. Read more 

Prestigious publications

Stefano Balietti, Robert L. Goldstone, and Dirk Helbing (2016). Peer review and competition in the Art Exhibition Game. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: 201603723.

Dirk Helbing and Evangelos Pournaras. (2015). Build Digital Democracy. Nature 527: 33-34.

Heinrich H. Nax, Matjaž Perc, Attila Szolnoki and Dirk Helbing. (2015). Stability of cooperation under image scoring in group interactions. Scientific Reports 5: 12145.

Lucas Böttcher, Olivia Woolley-Meza, Nuno A.M. Araujo, Hans J. Herrmann and Dirk Helbing. (2015). Disease-Induced Resource Constraints Can Trigger Explosive Pandemics Scientific Reports 5: 16571

Media Responses

12.02.2017 : How fluid dynamics can help you navigate crowds

The Smithsonian magazine published an article discussing how to navigate safely through a crowd. In the article, Professor Helbing explains how modeling a crowd as interacting particles can give insights into how to keep safe in such situations.   Read more 


Futurezone : "A super intelligent system will not save the earth"

In an interview with Futurezone, Professor Dirk Helbing explains the effects digitization and technical advances may have on social and economic systems."A super intelligent system will not save the earth," says Professor Helbing.  Read more 


NZZ: A whole new game is starting

Prof. Dirk Helbing wrote a commentary for the prestigious Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. "When 1 percent of citizens own 99 percent of the world, it cannot be good in the long run," he argues.  Read more 



Behavioural Control or Digital Democracy? - A Digital Manifesto

An english version of the Digital Manifesto: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Big Nudging, and Cybernetic Society: Is the automation of society coming? A joint appeal to secure freedom and democracy. Read more 


Why we need democracy 2.0 and capitalism 2.0 to survive

Read an article published in about opportunities stemming from growth of data-driven societies.   Read more 


A Digital World To Thrive In

Professor Dirk Helbing discusses how the Internet of Things can make the "invisible hand" work and societies thrive. Read more 


Books published by Prof. Dirk Helbing The Automation of Society is Next: How to Survive the Digital Thinking Ahead - Essays on Big Data, Digital Revolution, and Participatory Market Social Quantitative Sociodynamics
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