19.06.2015 | COSS Professorship

COSS Summer Workshop 2015


From June 24th to July 1st the COSS team will hold its annual summer workshop. Read more 

21.05.2015 | COSS Professorship

Bachelor/Master/Semester Thesis: Human Interactions in Networked Virtual Environments

Human Interactions in Networked Virtual Environments

We offer a thesis supervised by Prof. Christoph Hoelscher (ETH-COG), Dr. Tyler Thrash (ETH-COG), Prof. Mubbasir Kapadia (DRZ/Rutgers), and Prof. Dirk Helbing (ETH-COSS). Read more 

24.04.2015 | COSS Professorship

Student assistant position: Distributed Measurement Systems for Mobile Apps

Curriculum vitae

We are looking for student assistants with knowledge of software engineering, and distributed systems. The work will be pursued in the context of the NervousNet project. Read more 



Prof. Helbing will participate at the Lipari School on Computational Complex Systems, July 12–18, 2015

Dirk Helbing will participate at the Lipari School on Computational Complex Systems at Lipari Island, Italy. Read more 


Dirk Helbing talk at the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies in June 29–July 3, 2015

Prof. Helbing will speak at the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies: Advances in Complex Systems at Como, Switzerland. Read more 

Recent publications

Heinrich H. Nax, Matjaž Perc, Attila Szolnoki and Dirk Helbing. (2015). Stability of cooperation under image scoring in group interactions. Scientific Reports 5 (12145): 1-7.

Maximilian Schich, Chaoming Song, Yong-Yeol Ahn, Alexander Mirsky, Mauro Martino, Albert-László Barabási and Dirk Helbing. (2014). A network framework of cultural history. Science 345(6196): 558-562.

Lucas Böttcher, Olivia Woolley-Meza, Nuno A.M. Araujo, Hans J. Herrmann and Dirk Helbing. (2014). Disease-Induced Resource Constraints Can Trigger Explosive Pandemics. SSRN.

Roman Mani, Lucas Böttcher, Hans J. Herrman and Dirk Helbing. (2014). Extreme power law in a driven many-particle system without treshold dynamics. Physical Review E 90: 042201.

Media Responses


Live Mint: Why do stampedes happen?

logo Live Mint

Live Mint - the online version of India's second largest business newspaper Mint - cited Professor Dirk Helbing. Read more 


Mittelbayerische: Voting with feet

logo Mittelbayerische Zeitung

German regional newspaper Mittelbayerische Zeitung published an article on the creation of trails and paths. It is based on the research of Dirk Helbing's group. Read more 


IT Press: A scientist is working on planetary nervous system

logo IT PRess

IT Press - a service of the Austrian news agency APA - published an article on the ETH project Nervousnet. Read more 

Recent essays


Big Data, Cloud & Co.: Der Geist ist aus der Flasche

Published in October 2014. Read more 


FuturICT Blog: Genie out of the bottle

An essay published on on October 3, 2014 Read more 

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