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19.07.2017 | Talks

Evangelos Pournaras will give a talk on Democratization in IoT

On Thursday, July 20 at 19:00, Evangelos Pournaras will give a talk on Engineering Democratization in Internet of Things Data Analytics. The talk will be held at the Toni-Areal in Zurich. Read more 

05.07.2017 | Talks

Caleb Koch and Heinrich Nax hold a discussion on the dynamics of shared resource usage in Nebraska (USA) on 11.07.2017

COSS team members Caleb M. Koch and Heinrich H. Nax will be holding a public discussion on common-pool resource usage, hosted by the Upper Big Blue (UBB) District in York, Nebraska. The presentation will begin with their research on groundwater-usage behaviour in the UBB area, followed by a panel discussion on the questions and implications the research raises regarding appropriate public responses to depleting groundwater levels.The discussion will be held on July 11th from 19:30–20:30. Read more 

23.06.2017 | Media Responses

20 Minuten: This is how the Swiss live in 2047

Professor Dirk Helbing gives his take on what the future might look like in an article by the Swiss daily newspaper 20 Minuten . Read more 

20.06.2017 | Talks

Duca, Koch, Nax and Pradelski give talks at the 28th International Conference on Game Theory at Stony Brook (NY, USA) from 17 to 21.07.2017

COSS team members Duca, Koch, Nax and Pradelski will be giving talks at the 28th International Conference on Game Theory (in honor of Pradeep Dubey and Yair Tauman). The conference will be held from July 17 to 21, 2017 at Stony Brook University, USA.      Read more 

20.06.2017 | Talks

Nax and Pradelski speak at Stony Brook University's Workshop on Adaptive Learning in New York (USA) from 14 to 16.07.2017

Heinrich Nax and Bary Pradelski will be speaking at the Workshop on Adaptive Learning: Theory, Data, and Applications, held by the Stony Brook Center for Game Theory. The workshop takes place from July 14 - 16, 2017 in the New Computer Science Building at Stony Brook University. Read more 

11.06.2017 | Talks

Professor Dirk Helbing participates in a conference on Technical Autonomy in Bonn (DE) on 09.06.2017

As part of the "TREE-Konferenz: Technische Autonomie im Diskurs", Professor Dirk Helbing took part in panel discussions on the topic of technical autonomy where intelligent technology replaces people. The conference took place at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg on 09.06.2017. Read more 

02.06.2017 | Media Responses

Nature Physics: Minority report

The scientific journal Nature Physics reported on the recent paper by Richard Mann and Dirk Helbing on incentivizing collective intelligence by favouring minority viewpoints. Read more 

29.05.2017 | Awards , COSS , COSS Professorship

Caleb Koch won the CSF Award for best presentation

The contribution "Groundwater usage: Game theory and empirics" by Caleb Koch won the CSF award for best presentation. Read more 

24.05.2017 | Media Responses

Bild: Mass Panic - How do I behave correctly?

The German newspaper Bild  published an article on how one should behave in case of mass panic, such as that due to a terrorist attack. In the article, Professor Helbing gives advice on what to do in such situations.  Read more 

24.05.2017 | COSS , Conferences and Workshops

International Workshop on Data-driven Self-regulating Systems

The 3rd International Workshop on Data-driven Self-regulating Systems (DSS 2017) will be held along with the 11th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO). SASO is part of the Foundations and Applications of Self* Systems (FAS*). Read more 

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