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Blick: Burkhalter mobilized against cyber warriors

The Swiss daily newspaper Blick  published an article on the efforts of Switzerland and the Swiss politician Didier Burkhalter towards an international law against cyberwarfare. The article stresses the need for such laws by mentioning Professor Dirk Helbing's opinion on how digital weapons are just as dangerous as any other kind, yet not sufficiently regulated. Read more 


The Conversation: A simple reward system could make crowds a whole lot wiser

Richard Mann wrote for the media outlet,The Conversation, an article discussing the work he and Professor Dirk Helbing did in their recent paper "Optimal incentives for collective intelligence", and their proposed incentive scheme that rewards accurate minority predictions. Read more 


PC-Welt: Social Bots: This is how users are manipulated in the social networks

PC-Welt magazine, one of the oldest German-language computer magazines, interviewed Professor Dirk Helbing. In the interview, he discussed how fake news, social bots and opinion robots are used to manipulate us through social media. Read more 


NZZ: Robots on the way to the executive suites

The prestigious Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) reported on Professor Dirk Helbing's speech at NZZ's "Podium zur Zukunft der Arbeit", or panel on the future of work, in an article covering the event. In the event, questions of how the rapid technological upheavals will fundamentally change the working world of tomorrow and how to adapt to this change were discussed.     Read more 


Netzwoche: Open data for a smart society

Professor Dirk Helbing and Prasad Pulikal explain to Netzwoche the idea of ​​ETH's Nervousnet project, where ordinary citizens help develop new services by providing the needed data. Read more 


Scientific American: Will democracy survive big data and artificial intelligence?

Professor Dirk Helbing co-authored an article in Scientific American discussing the future of democracy, and how the digital revolution will change our world. Read more 

12.02.2017 How fluid dynamics can help you navigate crowds

The Smithsonian magazine published an article discussing how to navigate safely through a crowd. In the article, Professor Helbing explains how modeling a crowd as interacting particles can give insights into how to keep safe in such situations.   Read more 


Futurezone: "A super intelligent system will not save the earth"

In an interview with Futurezone, Professor Dirk Helbing explains the effects digitization and technical advances may have on social and economic systems."A super intelligent system will not save the earth," says Professor Helbing.  Read more 


NZZ: A whole new game is starting

Prof. Dirk Helbing wrote a commentary for the prestigious Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. "When 1 percent of citizens own 99 percent of the world, it cannot be good in the long run," he argues.  Read more 


Aargauer Zeitung: Big data and algorithms are the atomic bombs of the digital age

A Swiss regional newspaper Aargauer Zeitung cited Prof. Dirk Helbing.  Read more 

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