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Current Master and PhD Thesis Projects

For a current list of Master and PhD project openings please visit Open Positions.

Unsolicited applications are welcome. Candidates are expected to have a strong technical background and a substantive interest in social science research. Please address your applications to .

Past PhD Theses


Financial Market Risk of Speculative Bubbles.
Matthias Leiss
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2016)


The Complex Systems of Science. Computer simulations, laboratory and online experiments.
Stefano Balietti
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2015)


Disaggregating Civil Conflict. Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Contributions.
Karsten Donnay
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2014)


The predictability of widespread cascades in techno-social networks.
Seyyed A. Mazloumian
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2013)


Agent-based modeling of human cooperation and coordination in social systems.
Yu Wenjian
Diss., Zürich, ​ETH-Zürich (2011)


Crime and Punishment from a game theoretic perspective.
Heiko Rauhut
Diss., Leipzig, Universität Leipzig (2008)
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