Nature Physics: Minority report


The scientific journal Nature Physics reported on the recent paper by Richard Mann and Dirk Helbing on incentivizing collective intelligence by favouring minority viewpoints.

(logo: Nature Physics)
(logo: Nature Physics)

"Much has been said about how collective intelligence emerges in a group — be it a flock of birds or a scientific community — but recent events have highlighted our inability to optimize this wisdom. In particular, existing theories have proven insufficient for forecasting key financial and political changes. And the reason behind it may be a lack of diversity, which is known to be essential for the emergence of collective intelligence. Now, Richard Mann and Dirk Helbing have looked at how diversity might be enhanced in complex systems, and built a case for favouring minority viewpoints," Nature Physics wrote.


This article was published in Nature Physics Vol. 13 of June 2017 in the Research Highlights section, and can be found here.
The paper discussed in the article can be found through this link.

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